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How do you attract and retain your international talent?

Finding and retaining international expertise is an essential part of Sweden’s growth and sustainable development.

Helsingborg International Connections works in partnership with Helsingborg Municipality to welcome and support international talents moving to or living in Helsingborg. By running activities that are open to everyone in the local international community, we make the city an inclusive, welcoming place to live and help boost its attractiveness to businesses. 

We’re proud of our record in helping internationals settle, make connections, find meaningful occupations, and build a sustainable life in Sweden. Find out how we help your international talents below!

We welcome collaborations with municipalities and businesses in North West Skåne.

New! The HIC Business Network

Does your business need:

New customers?

The right skills?

Enhanced employer branding?

Opportunities for CSR?

Closer links to business, academia, public authorities, international schools,

international master’s students, and exciting non-profits?

Look no further! The HIC Business Network brings together local businesses and international talents, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for both. All Business Members are invited to exclusive B2B events in addition to HIC’s regular programme of events for the international community.

Enables your company to access a vibrant pool of international talents and potential new customers. Do you seek to diversify your workforce, make new business relationships, or reach out to new markets? Business Membership is for you!

HIC Business Membership Plus

This is designed for businesses that already employ international talents and wish to enhance their employer branding offer by giving their talents access to specially curated events and activities. They also receive the same benefits as HIC Business Membership. Welcome! 

How does HIC help your international talents?

We provide an active support system for your international recruits and their partners, spouses, and families through:

  • Targeted events for international talents
  • Advice and help at our regular drop-in sessions 
  • Information-sharing on social media
  • Opportunities to engage in the local community
  • Access to our extensive range of contacts
  • A ready-made social network
  • Exclusive events for employees of HIC Business Members

In addition to our regular programme of events and drop-in sessions, we offer tailored help to individual companies.

Talk to us about…

  • Running exclusive events for your employees
  • Organising events for partners and spouses
  • Supporting your talents’ families
  • Facilitating onboarding and orientation days
  • Giving talks about Swedish cultural norms
  • Becoming a HIC Business Member

Benefits for business

  • Enhanced employer branding
  • Faster settling-in for your new recruits
  • Increased employee engagement
  • A ready-made support network outside of work
  • Increased retention of international talents
  • Access to local international talents