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Expats in Ängelholm

Ängelholm Inspiration Evening at Transformation Rituals

Join us!

Do you or your employees work in or around Ängelholm? Welcome to our new Facebook page and group for expats!

There are many internationals living in North West Skåne, attracted here by international companies, quality of life, and beautiful nature. Finding opportunities to meet with other internationals has not been so easy, but we are working to remedy that now!

In 2022, we created an online platform to make it easier for the international community in Ängelholm to connect, and since November 2022 have run several events in Ängelholm with the help of our committed volunteers.

We were overwhelmed by the positive response and great turnout – there’s a real appetite to meet, build networks, and share stories, and we have met some amazing people! Take a look at our Facebook page and group to find out more!

Next event dates:

15 May, 11 September & 13 November

Ängelholm Municipality’s Vision Fund enables individuals and organisations to apply for funding to test an idea that engages and contributes to the vision “Ängelholm makes the impossible possible.”

We’re delighted to have been accepted for a Vision Fund project in 2024! This call highlights projects that create new collaborations between residents and bring people together.

In 2024, we will arrange four evenings at ÄHLM Market, when internationals and Swedes will share different aspects of their culture.

We believe that the project will help to break down barriers in society by providing a new platform for residents to learn from, and understand other people’s cultures. It will create new opportunities for people to meet, leading to greater cohesion and friendship.

Would you like to be one of our guest speakers and share your culture? Sign up here!

“Meeting with different people from around the world in Ängelholm, has been a very enriching and fruitful experience. Despite the different backgrounds, we share a lot and I have met new friends. At the meetings everyone is very friendly and open minded. Walking downtown has a different meaning, I feel part of this beautiful town.”

— Judit, from Spain