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Korede Solaja from Nigeria

My name is Korede Solaja. I am a Master’s student at Campus Helsingborg, a creative artist and a pro photographer. 

One of the best decisions I made early on in Sweden was to attend the Helsingborg International Connections (HIC) event organized for new arrivals. At this event, more understanding about the city was established; the history of the city, the vision for the future, important things to know about the city, & the many opportunities available within the city to international students & others who just newly relocated to the city.

Speaking from a more personal perspective, HIC provided me with the information & guidance on where, how & who to communicate with in relation to my creative art. And within a few months of being in the city, I have had an art exhibition, two art workshops & many other art related activities still to come. Not only has HIC provided me with vital information, they have provided me with support & publicity every step of the way. 

I am truly grateful & indeed privileged to be part of the HIC family and I want to say a big thank you to Sally Russell and her amazing team.

Viktoria, from the USA

“I found HIC 2 days after I moved to Sweden from the USA in 2020. It would be impossible to put into words how much HIC has helped me find friends, learn more about Sweden and discover Helsingborg. I can only share how grateful I am to have this gem of an organization here, especially during the pandemic. I always look forward to their newsletter and upcoming events and am eager to see new faces and make friends!”

Jean, from Switzerland

“HIC has been of great help to my girlfriend and I. When I moved to Sweden Sally and the team provided us with a lot of precious insight and the HIC activities allowed us to rapidly build a strong network in the region! Do not hesitate to ask for help, that will make your new life in Sweden so much easier.”

Michelle Dessant from Mexico

After 5 years of living in Stockholm, I decided it was time for me to explore more of Sweden and perhaps live somewhere new. Cities like Gothenburg and Malmö popped into my head, but a friend of mine mentioned that he loved Helsingborg, a town I had never heard of before but was intrigued to find out more!

I jumped on the bus, hoping for the best. I couch-surfed with a nice girl from Ukraine who had lived in Helsingborg for 6 years. We talked about the city, the people, and life in this beautiful town. She invited me to a Pub Night so I could meet more people and get a better picture of life in Helsingborg and I gladly accepted.

It turned out this Pub Night was organised by HIC :D! I was amazed to find a lovely international community, all having a good time and wanting to know about each other. I learned that night that there was a strong international community, thanks to organisations like HIC which helps newcomers to adapt and interact from the very first moment. And for me, having this support is one of the reasons that made me realize Helsingborg would be my new home.

I’m still here 2 years later, enjoying every second of my life in this lovely town, and grateful to HIC for opening this space and letting us share our stories. 

Alejandro, from Colombia

“When I first came to Helsingborg in autumn 2021 – actually, it was my first time in Sweden as well – I was rebuilding my life. I had no family, no friends, no roots, and no safety nets. Nevertheless, I took the leap to the void and decided to stay in this magical city.

I did what I do best, and started building a network. It was then that I first met HIC and its amazing work. Sally, one of the most heart-warming people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, helped and encouraged me to pursue my dream. Through HIC, I’ve met amazing people that have given me new motives to find my way here.

Now, I have friends and clients, whom I consider the family I choose. Sally, and HIC, are part of that family.”

Caro, from Australia

“HIC was easy to find on social media, so I was able to connect before leaving home in Australia. My first coffee morning shortly after arriving in Helsingborg really helped me to settle in, as did a drop-in session soon after when I had more questions. The HIC events have been useful too, and networking with other internationals has been invaluable. Always friendly and helpful, HIC has also been a great source of information and advice in job-seeking. Sally and team do a fantastic job!”